Updated Trilibis Storm device emulator streamlines workflow for WCM and CCM systems

September 7th, 2017 by

Latest version adds automatic Photoshop to HTML conversion to shorten path from design to production

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Who is Trilibis Storm designed for?

When we debuted Trilibis Storm late last year, we focused on providing enterprise web content management (WCM) and customer communications management (CCM) systems with an efficient and scalable solution to enable their end users to accurately preview their brand content and customer-engagement campaigns across specific channels, devices and apps.

The initial release of the Trilibis Storm versatile emulator solved five requirements for the developers of WCM and CCM systems:

 1. Preview and compare content on a wide array of browser/device combinations side by side
 2. Automatically generate QR codes for on device testing
 3. Identify potential page-load issues associated with large images
 4. Preview and test the results of tagging used for personalization and localization
 5. Pre-flight testing of email marketing campaigns

Visuals and images are increasingly critical for emerging audiences

As businesses adopt CCM systems, they are often looking to use rich imagery to reinforce brand messages and boost engagement with younger viewers. OpenText discusses this emerging phenomenon on its Exstream product page:

With Millennials expected to make up more than half the workforce by 2020, the ability to design and deliver contextually-driven, personalized communications at the right time, in the right format, and for the right device can give your company a competitive advantage.

To address that need, today we’re delighted to announce that Trilibis Storm can now be combined with our automated Photoshop-to-HTML conversion software, PSD2HTML. This means, when our technology is integrated, CCM platforms can now auto-generate email-compliant HTML syntax from Photoshop PSD files and check how the resulting content will look within a wide variety of email clients — all from within the Trilibis Storm emulator.

For more information on the functionality of Trilibis PSD2HTML and Storm visit our website or watch these tutorial videos:

Contact us here if you’d like to learn how Trilibis technology can shorten your time to market and enhance the functionality of your enterprise web content management or customer engagement system.

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