Updated Trilibis PSD2HTML now offers pre-flight checks for Photoshop email layouts

March 30th, 2017 by

Check out the most recent email enhancement to PSD2HTML, which converts email marketing Photoshop files to HTML/CSS and lets you preview them in any email client.




A few weeks ago, we highlighted Bob Balfe’s video on our PSD2HTML technology, which was featured on the IBM Ecommerce Partner Connect blog. Since then, our team has been hard at work enhancing the PSD2HTML web utility in response to customer feedback. Good news – an update is now available: in addition to converting Photoshop website layouts to HTML, PSD2HTML can also convert Photoshop email marketing layouts to HTML (PSD to HTML).

With this update, the PSD2HMTL web service now renders any .PSD file for optimum display in email clients. This is a real time-saver for our PSD2HTML users because it ensures your customer email campaigns will display nicely in target in-boxes. Simply upload your Photoshop file designed for your email campaign, input a target email address, and PSD2HTML will convert the Photoshop file to an “email-ready” HTML/CCSS file, which is sent to your email address.

This means you can check how your Photoshop email marketing template/layout will render in a wide variety of email clients, and then make necessary changes before finalizing your layout. Alternatively, you can direct the test email to an email presentation checker such as Litmus (we cover how to do this in the video).

This new enhancement allows front-end developers to crosscheck output and design on a real email client prior to importing to a CCM (Customer Communications Management) system or email marketing platform, significantly reducing front-end development time.

How does it work? PSD2HMTL optimizes the HTML for email so that the output renders properly on different type of email clients (like Yahoo, GMail, Outlook, etc.). Certain HTML syntax is not supported in various email clients, so for optimal previewing, PSD2HTML makes sure those variants are not used in the transformation process.

To learn more about PSD2HTML, you can check out this short demo video or visit our YouTube channel.

Contact us here if you’d like to discuss how to integrate PSD2HTML into your CCM or email marketing system workflow.


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