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June 17th, 2011 by

In my spare time, I’ve been blogging about music and the arts via the Blogger platform since 2005. This past weekend, I logged into my account and a pop-up asked if I would like to have my site optimized for mobile web. As mobile web continues its rapid ascent, and brands realize how imperative it is in terms of engagement, this came as little surprise. Without hesitation, I hit “Yes.” And since I work at Trilibis, where our focus is mobile web design and optimization, I was excited to see what Google-owned Blogger would have in store.

After saving my settings, I grabbed my iPhone and launched my blog. Although my original fonts and color scheme were compromised, my blog actually did fit on the screen, making the mobile experience much more preferable to seeing a full site. That said, I realized that this is just a blog. In other words, pretty straight forward… No hosted video, buying capabilities, search, heavy graphics, customized layout or dynamic content that is essential for most brands and destination sites. I then asked a friend, whose device of choice is a Blackberry, to take a look at the blog. His phone loaded the regular web version of my site, and not the mobile optimized… As I investigated some more (tried a Windows and Palm phone), it appears that the site was only optimized for iPhone and Android devices.

Now don’t get me wrong, I applaud Google for adding mobile web to its Blogger capabilities. And their inclusion of mobile web only bolsters the argument that mobile web is becoming the leader in terms of how we view content on mobile. That said, similar to viewing a  brand’s website on a computer, consumers expect a dynamic, clean, organized and engaging experience via  the mobile web, on their device of choice.

Mobile web is quickly becoming a core element in entertainment, shopping, publishing and perhaps most importantly, in brand exposure and awareness. As we quickly move to a mobile-based world, it is essential that your site rides the wave.

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