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July 15th, 2015 by

If you’re a VAD, SI or e-commerce solutions architect who specializes in IBM® WebSphere® Commerce websites, we’d like you to know about SNOW IO, a new server plug-in that can make a huge difference in customer experience and, ultimately, conversion to sale.

Website speed can have a massive effect on conversions, both good and bad. And for e-commerce sites, every additional second it takes your site to load reduces your conversion rate by up to seven percent, according to research from the Aberdeen Group. Beyond conversion, slow-loading websites see 11 percent fewer page views and get dinged with a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. While a number of factors contribute to the overall weight of a web page, in our survey of top responsive websites, we found that the size of website images is a significant contributor to lengthy page-load times on mobile devices. The solution is to optimize the images for each page and ensure the right-size image is sent to the device that requested the responsive web page.

The Trilibis SNOW® Image Optimization solution (SNOW IO) is a great way to complete the entire process. What’s great about SNOW IO is that it goes beyond image optimization and delivers optimized image selection by device type. Installed as a simple plug-in on any IBM WebSphere Commerce server, and specifically validated for use with IBM® WebSphere® Commerce, SNOW IO automatically identifies images used on every web page and optimizes them for thousands of devices. At runtime, SNOW IO works in conjunction with the web server to identify the type of device that is accessing the website, and to ensure it is served only the appropriate images optimized for that specific device.

The resulting performance increases can be dramatic. During tests that we conducted with IBM, SNOW IO reduced the image weight of IBM WebSphere Commerce responsive web pages by 23 to 61 percent. SNOW IO can reduce page weight from megabytes to kilobytes, and shave valuable seconds off overall page-load times. In other words, SNOW IO makes your responsive website even more responsive!

SNOW IO is compatible with Commerce Composer (Feature Pack 7 and better), which means business users can focus on page layout and content without having to worry about right-sizing images. And if your system is using an older version of Composer (possibly with some other web design framework such as Bootstrap or Zurb), SNOW IO will still deliver noticeable customer experience improvements by minimizing both the size and number of image versions sent to the client device.

The combination of Trilibis SNOW IO and IBM WebSphere Commerce addresses a key objective for all online retailers: delivering the best possible customer experience across all devices. To learn more, see Trilibis SNOW IO on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

You may be wondering how this integration works and how to configure SNOW IO. Bob Balfe, worldwide technical sales leader for IBM’s Commerce program, has developed a helpful video that takes you through the technical aspects of SNOW IO, how it’s configured on IBM WebSphere Commerce, and how it optimizes images used in your IBM Aurora storefront. Thanks Bob!

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