Trilibis PSD2HTML gets a mention on Bob Balfe’s IBM Commerce blog

February 5th, 2017 by

Check out this detailed review of our enterprise workflow automation technology, which lets you jumpstart your web applications from single or multiple PSD files.


We’re pleased to learn through the grapevine that our useful and awesome workflow technology, PSD2HTML, was recently featured on the IBM Ecommerce Partner Connect blog. The blog is hosted by Bob Balfe of IBM, whose official title is Distinguished Engineer, Demonstration and Strategy CTO, Watson Customer Engagement.

Bob nails the core idea behind PSD2HTML: an API web service that converts PSD files to either a bootstrap layout or pixel-perfect HTML file. What’s also great about Bob’s demo is that he explores the role of the Configuration file, which enables you to instruct PSD2HTML how to process the PSD files, and export fine-tuned HTML and detailed CSS files.

Here’s Bob’s demo…

Thanks, Bob!

Trilibis PSD2HTML is designed for use with the leading WCMS products, and runs as an executable on your WCMS server. Using PSD2HTML, you can completely automate the process of converting multiple complex PSD files to HTML/CSS/image files. Just load the PSD files and then let PSD2HTML generate all the web files needed to ensure a high-fidelity experience for desktop, tablet and mobile clients. As part of your pre-flight testing, you can use the built-in emulator, which provides pixel-perfect renditions of any page on dozens of browsers and devices.

Some other notable features and benefits include:
  server-side image optimization to reduce payload
  accelerated page-load performance for any client/device
  reduction of front-end development time by up to 50 percent
  support for RESS responsive web design.

To learn more, you can also check out this short demo video. Contact us here if you’d like to discuss how to integrate PSD2HTML into your workflow.

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