Trilibis Launches SNOW IO: Automatic Image Optimization That Accelerates Responsive Websites

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Large images are often the principle cause of responsive web sites that perform poorly. SNOW IO utilizes lightweight, server-side image optimization that significantly reduces page weight and improves load time on all mobile devices.

SAN MATEO, Calif.—September 24, 2014: Trilibis, the company that makes websites device-aware, has launched SNOW® Image Optimization (SNOW IO), a lightweight, server-side plug-in that accelerates websites on mobile devices. Built specifically for responsive websites, SNOW IO works in conjunction with popular web servers to ensure each device is served only images that are optimized for its unique characteristics.

Responsive design is a website coding technique that aims to deliver the best possible website presentation across devices. It is ideal for content-centric, publishing-oriented websites. However, unless care is taken to control the size of photos and images, responsive websites can load slowly on mobile devices.

A recent Trilibis survey of top responsive websites revealed the majority has excessive page-load times — especially on smartphones and tablets. While a number of factors contribute to the overall weight of a web page, Trilibis found that the size of website images is a significant contributor to long page-load times that frustrate users.

“In a fast-paced publishing environment, especially with distributed editorial teams under deadline, it’s easy to overlook the optimization of web assets such as images. The result can be a disappointing and frustrating web experience for mobile users — our own tests show that some sites take almost a minute to load on a smartphone or tablet,” said Ted Verani, SVP of sales and marketing at Trilibis. “SNOW IO is the perfect antidote to this problem. Better still, it’s a ‘set it and forget’ server-side solution that continually ensures your responsive website serves only size-optimized images for every device.”

SNOW IO can reduce page weight from megabytes to kilobytes, and typically shortens page-load time to less than four seconds for all devices. SNOW IO has already demonstrated its effectiveness on some high-profile websites:, and When SNOW IO was used to optimize the images on these sites, mobile page weight was reduced on average by 80 percent, and page-load time was reduced on average by 41 percent.

SNOW IO — fast facts

  • Works with any responsive website development framework.
  • Improves user experience and site performance for all devices and browsers: desktop, tablet, phablet, smartphone and more.
  • Resizes, compresses and generates optimized images for each device type—automatically.
  • Uses smart delivery logic to ensure each device receives only images that are optimized for it.
  • Includes flexible optimization rules, adjustable compression levels, and device-specific resizing controls (width and height).
  • No complicated client-side or server-side programming required
  • Supports CDN (content delivery network) integration.

SNOW IO installs as two lightweight server-side components:

  1. An Image Resizer module, which is installed on the servers where image files reside. It is executed once, or as needed, to resize all images and organize them locally on the web server. It can be configured to run periodically so that any new images can be resized automatically.
  2. An Image Delivery module, which is installed on the web server. This module automatically detects the end user’s device, and serves only the image optimized specifically for that device.

About the Trilibis Responsive Design Survey

In an analysis of 155 responsive websites, Trilibis found that only 21 percent of these modern websites loaded in less than four seconds on a smartphone, and that 32 percent of the sites required between 8 and 48 seconds to load. Trilibis investigated the reason for this sluggish page-load time of responsive sites and found that image size was the primary cause. To download the entire survey, click here.

About Trilibis

Trilibis develops server-side responsive design technology for businesses, brands and web development firms that need a true “One Web” website architecture. SNOW, the company’s core product, makes websites device-aware and enables developers to design high-performance websites that work flawlessly on all desktop and mobile browsers, unlocking device-specific features and functionality that make websites mobile-ready, delightful and profitable. Trilibis is a private, venture-backed company located in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit or follow @trilibismobile.

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