Trilibis introduces RAIN: an advanced MADP platform for WCMS and ecommerce

September 30th, 2015 by

Developing and managing native mobile applications has been, and is still today, a major cost and time problem for businesses. One major challenge for developers is keeping pace with the increasingly fragmented device and OS market. New devices and OS updates continually flood the market, increasing the complexity of managing the mobile app lifecycle as developers try to ensure compatibility of their apps on the latest devices.

For enterprise developers, mobile application development platforms (MADPs), have simplified this problem by providing the capability to develop apps in less than half the time and cost of traditional approaches. However, even with MADPs, multiple codebases are needed to cater to the unique attributes of iOS and Android devices, as well as a range of other device types. There are any number of permutations that persist, given the varying device types, form factors and operating systems requiring multiple versions of HTML and CSS for proper app development using a MADP.

Taking these challenges into account, and building on the technical foundation of our core product SNOW (Software Enabling One Web), we have created a MADP called RAIN, which allows developers to build optimized applications on the same HTML/CSS code as their desktop, tablet and mobile websites, just by using special server-side tags.

RAIN, which we’re making available to OEM ISVs today, allows developers to create channel-specific, native applications as required — this is great news for brands that want to deploy existing web content on mobile devices in the form of an app. RAIN ensures you will deliver the best user experience without the need to build a ‘one-size fits all’ mobile application. Better still, RAIN lets you do this from a single codebase — no need to bifurcate (or worse!) your code for difference platforms.

You can read about RAIN in today’s news release Click Here


RAIN supports the following native features on a wide array of target devices (including Android 2.2+ and iOS7+):
Controlled Caching for offline content
Push Notification with optional Geo-Fencing and Deep Linking
Camera Access
Contact List Access

With our core product SNOW, and now with RAIN, Trilibis is taking a singular code approach to Web and app development: one that provides an increased level of productivity and cost savings, which are much needed in the marketplace today. The ability to code once and deploy everywhere is becoming a reality, and we feel with RAIN we are just about there.

To learn more about how RAIN can speed up your mobile application development process, please contact

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