Trilibis Brings Server-Based Mobile Device Optimization to High-Performance Node.js Websites #nodesummit

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SNOW works server-side on node.js websites to take responsive design to an entirely new level of performance and presentation, minimizes network bandwidth, and accelerates page-load times..

SAN MATEO, Calif.— February 11, 2015: Trilibis, the company that makes websites device-aware, announced that its market-leading SNOW® (Software eNabling One Web) website optimization framework can now deliver server-side responsive web capabilities on Node.js enterprise websites. The combination of the asynchronous and highly scalable capabilities of Node.js and SNOW’s instantaneous device detection ensures all website visitors are guaranteed an excellent experience and fast website load times across all devices, even at peak load conditions.

SNOW adds mobile device-specific optimization to responsive Node.js websites

Designing website for optimal performance and content presentation on mobile devices has become a high priority for every enterprise. Responsive design, a popular web design methodology, employs a client-side design methodology that only partially addresses the need to deliver an excellent experience for all devices. And, because responsive design relies on the browser to optimize a web page for the device, it frequently results in longer page-load times — a major concern for operators of websites with massive simultaneous transactions. The solution: Trilibis SNOW for Node.js, which optimizes web pages for every device and adds intelligent device classification that allows for segmentation by device type, screen resolution, browser, features, and more.

SNOW can reduce hosting bandwidth costs of Node.js web servers

With the addition of the SNOW device optimization plug-in, a Node.js web server can detect and profile each client device as it accesses the website, identify its type and features, then serve up only the HTML, CSS and images required by that particular device. This yields two key benefits:

  1. Significantly higher performance than that offered by classic responsive design techniques. SNOW reduces the payload served to mobile devices by a factor of four and reduces page-load time by as much as 25 percent.
  2. Web users, especially those with mobile devices, are assured a fast, device-optimized website experience.

“Enterprises that choose Node.js to power their web servers are aiming for the highest levels of performance, both server-side and client-side,” said Meyyappan Alagappan, chief technology officer at Trilibis. “SNOW delivers performance gains on both sides of the equation, and offers the additional benefit of enabling UX developers to customize the presentation of content on any device.”

To learn more about SNOW technology, visit the Trilibis website, watch the SNOW video and download the SNOW white paper.

About Trilibis

Trilibis develops SNOW®, a markup-based RESS website optimization solution that uses a single code base to make websites device-aware and deliver a true “One Web” experience. SNOW enables developers to design high-performance websites that work flawlessly on all desktop and mobile browsers, and to unlock device-specific features and functionality that make websites mobile-ready, delightful and profitable. Trilibis is a private, venture-backed company located in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit or follow @trilibismobile.

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