Top 6 Benefits of Moving Your Company’s Services to the Mobile Web

July 20th, 2011 by

Top-Benefits-of-Mobile-WebA mobile website will put a spring in your step. Just listen to Andrew Koven, a former president of e-commerce and customer experience at upscale shoe seller Steve Madden (@stevemadden_com).  Koven was positively clicking his heels when he told attendees at the Mobile Shopping Summit in fall 2010 that the company’s mobile presence had generated $500,000 in mobile sales in just six months.  Over that same period, Steve Madden’s share of online traffic coming from mobile devices rose steadily from 4.4 percent to 10.5 percent.

New customers and new sources of revenue are just two of the many benefits of creating a mobile website for your company. This is the first of a series of posts exploring the benefits of mobile websites. Future installments will each examine a key benefit in detail. This introductory overview should serve as a wake-up call: It’s high time you jumped on the mobile website bandwagon. After all, people are now more likely to first experience the Internet through a mobile device than a desktop computer. That’s because more people have cell phone subscriptions (5.2 billion worldwide) than wired broadband Internet connections of the sort used for desktop computers (555 million worldwide) according to mobile marketer mobiThinking (@mobilThinking).

Here are a few more reasons for why your company, brand or service should have presence on the mobile web:

1. The mobile web builds on existing habits. Young professionals already turn to the web for product information and special deals. They’ll do the same with your mobile website, as you’ll read in the next post.

2. Mobile commerce is seeing explosive growth, and you don’t want to be left behind. Revenue generated from m-commerce will reach $6 billion by the end of 2011 and soar to $31 billion by 2016, according to Forrester Research. Many companies, are already realizing their mobile ROI’s. Fandango (@Fandango), for example, just announced that 20% of their movie sales were conducted on mobile devices – through their recently redesigned mobile website (in collaboration with Trilibis), as well as through an array of their mobile apps.

3. Mobile websites drive customers into brick-and-mortar stores. In 2010, PETCO (@PETCO) launched its first mobile advertising campaign. The pet supply company placed ads designed to direct mobile users to a coupon offer. Coupons were redeemed at a rate of 4.6%. Even more impressive was the fact that more coupons were redeemed in stores than online by a factor of 5 to 1, demonstrating how mobile ads drive traffic to stores. Moreover, PETCO expects the cost of developing a mobile website will be more than made up by increases in mobile conversion rates.

4. Increasingly mobile consumers need mobile ways to spend their money. More and more consumers need a way to shop on the go, as conveniently as possible, and will happily do so on the mobile web. That’s what eBay is discovering. The worldwide marketplace originally projected $1.5 billion in mobile sales in 2010, but exceeded those expectations as mobile sales actually reached $2 billion. Now eBay CEO John Donahoe projects that global sales will double, nearing $4 billion in mobile merchandise sales by the end of 2011. “eBay mobile is continuing to see strong growth,” he commented during a recent earnings call. “While other retailers are formulating their mobile plans, consumers are actively buying and selling through the eBay mobile app.”

5. Mobile shoppers click on ads. When you place an online ad, you want viewers to click through to your website and take action by making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, and the like. Mobile ads get just these results. Of the people who see an ad on a mobile website, 42% click on that ad, and 49 make a purchase, according to Google/Ipsos.

6. The mobile web builds on existing customer relationships. Customers who already know and trust your products and services will be happy to see you’re on the “small screen” and seek out insights about new products as well as announcements of special deals. A mobile Website is a direct connection point that is more personal than “blast” communications such as mass emails.

Like a shoe with a loose heel, a business with only a desktop website just limps along. To take full advantage of the rise of the mobile web, you need to start sprinting with the addition of a mobile website. Stay tuned for future posts exploring business objectives and advantages you can achieve so you can outpace the competition.

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