Top 5 Objectives for Investing in Mobile Web – Increase Satisfaction

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This post is the second entry in our series of Top 5 Objectives for Investing in Mobile Web. We previously covered best practices for the top objective, increasing engagement, and today’s post focuses on increasing customer satisfaction.

Plain and simple—a good mobile website is a must have in today’s mobile landscape. If you haven’t already figured this out, you’re behind the curve and we’re here to help you get back on track.

Mobile consumers are more demanding than ever and your brand’s mobile awareness can make or break your bottom line. Believe it or not, something as simple as having a mobile optimized website can turn visitors into customers and customers into repeat business. But that won’t happen if they aren’t satisfied by what you have to offer. Take a look at these recent figures that show just how important a good mobile experience can be.

Over one-third of strategists designated increasing customer satisfaction as a top priority for investing in mobile, and there’s no doubt as to why. You satisfy the consumer and chances are they’ll stick around and keep coming back. But how do you keep them satisfied?


Mobile users expect your mobile site to load quickly…within a couple of seconds of hitting ‘go’. The time it takes your site to usably load is the first impression you’re giving off. It goes without saying that loading a full-featured desktop site over a half-strength 3G connection is not going to cut it.  An optimized mobile site should have a smaller page weight, ideally below 25KB, and load within a few seconds. Even if you’re still working on version 1.0 of your mobile site, speed is imperative to generating satisfaction from the get-go.


More and more Americans are using their mobile device as their primary access point to the World Wide Web.  As such, a mobile site should have all the key content and features of your desktop site. We understand that, sometimes, this simply isn’t possible due to a lack of resources. In these cases, your mobile site should offer the content that your users want the most (this information should be easy to find from your analytics provider). Finally, as a last resort, provide the mobile user with the option to access your full site for anything they can’t find otherwise.

Rich Media

Smartphones are becoming mainstream in the US. Already, over 100M Americans own a smartphone, many of which feature multi-core processors and high-res displays. A site with a tiny 30 pixel wide logo in the corner
of their 4+ inch screen just isn’t going to cut it. They’ve paid for the extra power and the ultra-high pixel density, so give them crystal clear images that span the width of their screen and HD videos that show off your product in 720p. Humans are naturally drawn to stunning visual displays. Providing that extra ‘wow’-factor can be the difference between a lackluster trip to your site and an unforgettably satisfying experience. And as an added bonus, it will help you appear innovative (hint: we’ll be going deeper into staying innovative next week).

Mobile Capabilities

Visitors to your mobile site inherently have the ability to utilize features that your desktop experience just can’t compete with. Things like GPS, maps and navigation, click-to-call, SMS and social sharing are all areas your mobile site can, and should, take advantage of. Mobile users expect to be able to use their devices’ GPS to search ‘near me’ and subsequently use their maps application to tell them how to get there. They expect to click on your contact number and be able to talk with someone right away. And finally, whether you offer fun and useful content or an enticing promotion, your site visitors want to be able to share that information via SMS, email or social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Customer satisfaction is key in creating and holding onto a valuable following. Give your mobile visitor a fantastic experience on their most personal of devices, and you could easily have a satisfied customer for life. But force your mobile visitor through a slow, abysmal and content lacking mobile site, and you could easily be giving your competitor a customer for life.

What would you rather have?

Stay tuned as we keep on rolling through the Top 5 Objectives for Investing in Mobile Web and cover staying innovative, building loyalty and generating sales.

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