Top 5 Objectives for Investing in Mobile Web – Build Loyalty

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This post is the fourth entry in our series of Top 5 Objectives for Investing in Mobile Web. We previously covered increasing engagement, customer satisfaction and appearing innovative.

It’s undeniable that a loyal customer is valuable to any and all businesses. The 80/20 rule (aka Pareto principle) is well documented in business terms as “80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers”. This segment of 20%  is typically the most loyal of customers who return time and time again to purchase your goods and services.

Additionally, studies have shown the cost of a acquiring a new customer significantly outweighs the cost of keeping a loyal customer. So much so that it can be 6 times more expensive to gain a new customer versus keeping one.

Don’t be left picking daisies to determine if your customer loves you, or loves you not. You must proactively engage your market and give them a reason to love you and keep coming back. Today, many marketers are looking to mobile in hopes of building a loyal customer base. Let’s take a look at how a few key concepts can turn your customers into loyal mobile members of your family.

Exceeding expectations

We’ve covered both customer engagement and satisfaction in previous entries to this series, but it’s important to make the connection, right away, to how they are deeply tied to loyalty. A properly engaged customer is more likely to become a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal customer.

However, don’t get caught up thinking that satisfaction is enough for a customer to stay loyal—they expect to be satisfied. Think back to your school days, a ‘satisfactory’ grade is still just a C. Exceeding expectations, striving for the A+ performance, is where you will find loyalty.

Coupons and discounts

Perceived value is a huge part of creating a loyal customer. And coupons and discounts are a perfect way to create value. Mobile coupon usage is growing—over 20% of smartphone owners have used a coupon via their mobile device. Providing deals exclusive to the mobile channel is a great incentive for your customers to use your site and keep coming back.

Complementary content

Alternative to discounting your products, perceived value can also come from exclusive content that can only be accessed with a mobile device. Take for example the millions of people watching primetime TV. What better way to drive loyalty than with exclusive backstage or sneak-peak content accessible on a mobile website during the 6 days between episodes. Think about your brand presence outside of mobile, and find a way to connect it with your mobile content in a complementary and exclusive way.


Gamification has become a hot new buzzword within the digital ecosystem as it is increasingly tied to social, mobile and local (think Foursquare). Providing your mobile website users with a way to compete in a fun and engaging way through your brand is a great way to keep them coming back. Whether it’s to ‘check-in’ and earn a new achievement or reviewing products for points, adding a fun twist to your mobile site will keep loyal users coming back to play.

Word of mouth

Let your customers do the work for you. In today’s world of hyper-connectedness and escalating social networks, many consumers look to share good experiences anyway they can—even brand experiences. Adding a simple Facebook or Twitter share option to your mobile site will tap into the network effect and give you free word of mouth advertising from your loyal customers. Who doesn’t like free?

No matter what your company is about, loyal customers provide repeat business and are the biggest drivers of revenue. With the mobile market booming, an A+ mobile web experience is a perfect way to keep loyal customers coming back for more.

Have you seen increased loyalty since implementing a mobile-optimized website? What other ways have you found to attract repeat customers using the mobile channel? Let us know in the comments or continue the conversation via Twitter or Facebook.

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