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June 13th, 2011 by

The first thing that I do in the morning is check my email…  which is generally before getting out of bed since my mobile phone is handily right next to me. I then use my phone to quickly check email over breakfast and another 5-6 times throughout the day (or more if I am out of the office).

Apparently, I am not that unique. According to Comscore, over 70 million mobile users (30% of all mobile subscribers) check their email on their mobile phones — an increase of 36% from previous year.

Like most folks, I receive a variety of email offers in my inbox. When I see something interesting with a clever call to action, I typically feel compelled to act upon it. What follows next is often a disappointment. It seems that most companies still don’t have a mobile optimized site and instead present their customers with broken UI’s and oversized pinch-and-drag pages that never seem to load properly.

In this day and age of smartphone ownership crossing the 100M mark, every sizable company should have a mobile optimized site. But the importance is vastly magnified if email is in the core part of its marketing mix.

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