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October 18th, 2013 by

Here at Trilibis, we have been heads down the last few months on a big product initiative that I am very excited to share with you.  What began as a major overhaul of SmartPath, our patented mobile publishing platform, led to the development of a new server side technology for One Web.  It is such a departure from our background in mobile development that we had to give it a new name. We call it SNOW, and it is now available for companies to use themselves for their sites or clients’ sites.

In developing SNOW, our goal was to find a way to simplify web development for today’s multi-device landscape.

SNOW (Software eNabling One Web) is the first HTML5-compliant server-side software that simplifies multi-device web development on a single code base by allowing designers/developers  to add device awareness tags within HTML/CSS files and post process the files at the web server layer before sending to the device (PC, tablet and mobile).

The result is a device-aware website that seamlessly adjusts the layout and user experience to different devices, and loads faster on smartphones and tablets than sites built using Responsive Design.  Using SNOW, developers are also able to control site features and layout to deliver a differentiated experience for mobile users.

And, unlike proprietary end-to-end mobile publishing platforms, SNOW can be used in conjunction with other web development tools, open source libraries and Responsive Design techniques to enable the best possible implementation of One Web.

Make your website device aware by using SNOW.

To learn more about coding with SNOW, visit the Code With Snow website or download the white paper.

Let it SNOW.

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