SNOW IO brings image optimization to IBM WebSphere Commerce (Video)

March 25th, 2015 by


As we reported last year, the Trilibis SNOW® Image Optimization solution (SNOW IO) has been validated for use with IBM® WebSphere® Commerce. Installed as a simple plug-in on any IBM WebSphere Commerce server, SNOW IO automatically identifies images used on every web page and optimizes them for thousands of devices. At runtime, SNOW IO works in conjunction with the web server to identify the type of device that is accessing the website, and to ensure it is served only images optimized for that specific device.

This brings instant performance improvements via dynamic image optimization to thousands of retail websites built using IBM’s advanced ecommerce platform. As part of the process, Trilibis officially became an IBM Business Partner and joined IBM PartnerWorld as an Omni-Channel In-Store & Mobile solution to help IBM WebSphere Commerce users integrate SNOW IO with their websites.

You may have been wondering how this integration works and how to configure SNOW IO. In response, Bob Balfe, worldwide technical sales leader for IBM’s Commerce program, has just published a helpful video to take you through the technical aspects of SNOW IO, how it’s configured within WebSphere Commerce, and how it optimizes images that used in your IBM Aurora storefront. As you’ll see, it’s pretty simple.

The resulting performance increases can be dramatic. During tests that we conducted with IBM, SNOW IO reduced the image weight of IBM WebSphere Commerce pages by 23 to 61 percent. While a number of factors contribute to the overall weight of a web page, in a recent survey of top responsive websites, we found that the size of website images is a significant contributor to lengthy page-load times on mobile devices. SNOW IO can reduce page weight from megabytes to kilobytes, and shave valuable seconds off overall page-load times.

The combination of Trilibis SNOW IO and IBM WebSphere Commerce addresses a key objective for all online retailers: delivering the best possible customer experience across all devices.

SNOW IO for IBM WebSphere Commerce is available as a Validated Partner Solution through the IBM Ready for Smarter Commerce program.

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