OpenText TeamSite and the future of engaging mobile customers

August 10th, 2016 by

OpenText Enterprise World 2016

I had the pleasure of attending the OpenText Enterprise World a few weeks ago in Nashville, Tennessee. As a current OEM partner with HP TeamSite and Exstream, which were recently acquired by OpenText, it was an interesting and, I must say, rejuvenating experience. I was particularly pleased to hear the executive leadership discuss the bright future for OpenText: for both the existing and well-regarded Enterprise Information Management (EIM) suite, and also for the newly acquired Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite.

When OpenText CEO, Mark Barrenechea, addressed the attendees with his “Engagement to Insight” presentation, it seemed to really resonate with customers and partners alike. Mr. Barrenechea broke down “Engagement to Insight” into eight elements:

Engagement. Capture. Content. Process. Collaboration. Discover. Exchange. Insight.

We, Trilibis, are thrilled to be part of the “Engagement” element. Trilibis mobile enablement technology is an integral part of TeamSite, which under the new OpenText leadership, is poised to be the global technology leader in web content management. Creating the best omni-channel experience will be key to engagement with customers via the ever-changing ways they consume information. Furthermore, effective engagement enables enterprises to capture data so they can derive actionable insight.

The future looks bright for OpenText, and more specifically, TeamSite. OpenText has the right DNA to enhance and evolve the capabilities of TeamSite and its product family. With TeamSite now part of a software company rather than a hardware company, we could not be happier to be working with the TeamSite team under the new OpenText leadership.

Looking ahead, the team here at Trilibis is planning to add new technology to enable the addition of powerful new features within the TeamSite product suite to further enhance mobile engagement. Stay tuned for more details!



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