Mobile Dose of Comics — Miniaturization

September 24th, 2012 by

We’ve written several articles, hosted a number of discussions and argued on numerous panels against miniaturization. The reason is quite simple – shrinking down web assets and stripping features to a minimum to fit a smaller mobile screen significantly limits engagement opportunities. Miniaturization also ignores that mobile user behavior is influenced by the inherent characteristics of the mobile device – location, click-to-call, text messaging, barcode scanning, swiping or tapping. So if the website’s content is simply miniaturized for mobile, it fails to take advantage of some of the powerful features that tablets and smartphones offer.

While I can go on-and-on about the problems with miniaturization (and its twin brother, screen scraping), for once, I’ll use a comic to illustrate our point of view (shared by Brad Frost during this week’s Breaking Development Conference in Dallas). Cheers!

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