HP TeamSite 8.1: how to add push notifications to mobile apps

April 11th, 2016 by

Trilibis HP TeamSite 8.1 Hybrid App demo

Last month, HP announced the availability of TeamSite 8.1, which further expands the capabilities of TeamSite and gives marketers the power to design, deploy and manage a multichannel digital experience for their customers. Building on TeamSite 8.0, which enabled marketers to transform existing TeamSite websites into mobile apps for both Android and iOS, the TeamSite 8.1 release adds a new way to enhance the mobile experience offered by TeamSite: push notifications.


In-app notifications are one of the most effective ways to boost app engagement, and this new feature makes it very easy to send reminders or announcements to app users. It also includes geo-fencing, which can limit or trigger notifications within specific locations or regions.


In this short video demo, we show how easy it is to convert a TeamSite website into a modern mobile app with the following steps:

  Creating an instance of a mobile app within the TeamSite console
  Selecting existing content within TeamSite and preparing it for adaption into the mobile app
  Previewing and testing the apps’s appearance and functionality on a variety of mobile devices, using the built-in device emulator
  Loading the compiled app into TeamSite
  Setting up and testing in-app notifications, including geo-fencing specification


This feature employs Trilibis RAIN technology (a mobile application development platform) to provide a smooth path for front-end developers to deploy a TeamSite8 website as a mobile iOS or Android app. It’s incredible just how simple it is to take a highly functional website and adapt it to the latest mobile devices!


Contact Trilibis or your HP rep to learn more.


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