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January 27th, 2014 by

Today, we formally unveiled our partnership with HP Autonomy, an enterprise software giant that is now using SNOW™ to deliver highly optimized mobile content for its TeamSite customers. We here at Trilibis are super excited to be working with the leader in the Web content management (WCM) space.

HP TeamSite already provides a wide range of capabilities to help marketers deliver more engaging customer experiences across web, email, and social media touch points. By integrating SNOW, HP enables TeamSite-powered websites to be device-aware and optimized for any mobile device, tablet or desktop browser. Even better, TeamSite users don’t need to send their website visitors to a separate m.site experience (as is currently the case for other WCM products) — HP can now offer its customers a true One Web (see W3C definition of One Web) experience across over 4,000 devices, all from within TeamSite.

This is a huge milestone for Trilibis and testimony to the power of SNOW. If you have been following Trilibis, you know that SNOW (Software eNabling One Web) technology helps to make websites device-aware from a single codebase by post processing the HTML/CSS for the specific capabilities and physical characteristics of the accessing device. This not only improves site load-time and performance, but also gives marketers complete control of the user experience for different devices — just by adding SNOW tags.

On a more personal note, everyone at HP Autonomy has been great to work with. Big thanks go out to their technical team for their teamwork with the integration of SNOW into TeamSite; and also to the HP sales team, who have been selling this integrated solution to their customers and including us in these discussions. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

We hope to post updates of HP TeamSite customers that are implementing TeamSite’s new mobility features soon. Stay tuned for more!

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