HP and Trilibis modernize the Web with TeamSite8 LiveSite Mobile

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HP and Trilibis modernize the Web with TeamSite8 LiveSite Mobile

It’s 2016, and if 2015 was the Year of Mobile, then mobile-optimized websites must now comprise the majority of the Web — right? Well, maybe not. Because, while it’s now clear that mobile surpasses desktop for website visits on some sites, and even now rivals desktop for purchases, many website operators still have some work to do to ensure the mobile web experience is as good as that of desktop.

One reason for this is that it’s a major undertaking to modernize a major commercial website for mobile. According to Sunil Menon, who heads up HP’s digital marketing and analytics, the majority of web pages still need to be updated for mobile:

“9 out of 10 companies say that digital transformation is the priority with web, mobile and multichannel modernization at the top of their list of things to focus on.  We also hear consistently that mobile is a priority for more than 78% of firms but the reality is that only 38% of the pages are mobile ready.”

E-commerce and marketing websites that handle visitors at scale are generally based on a CMS of some sort, which means the operators of these websites are looking to their CMS vendor to provide mobile optimization features.

As we learned at the recent HP Engage conference, HP is leading the way here, with the recent launch of TeamSite8. This latest version of HP’s enterprise CMS aims to improve the experience for Web users who visit TeamSite-powered websites, and for the developers who build them.

It’s what’s under the hood of TeamSite8 where HP really stands out. HP announced several new features in TeamSite8 that leverage Trilibis technology to enable differentiated mobile experiences for HP’s customers:

1.LiveSite mobile tagging. Advanced tagging enables developers to define how a page is presented to a device based on rules that govern appearance on variables such as OS, browser, device type, and local device features. TeamSite8 uses Trilibis SNOW technology to make TeamSite websites extremely knowledgeable about the device that is being used to access the page, and provides an efficient server-side mechanism to efficiently determine how the website should respond. For example, Trilibis SNOW facilitates the definition of highly granular break-points, based on individual device characteristics. This means developers can precisely control page presentation in a manner that exceeds what can be done using typical responsive design approaches. Another benefit is that SNOW boosts performance for the user by minimizing the size of content sent to the mobile device.

2. Device reporting. A huge part of HP’s overall value proposition for its customers is marketing analytics of website visitors. Since LiveSite8 can accurately determine the precise characteristics of every device that accesses any page, marketers can better identify emerging trends and further optimize the experience for mobile users.

3. Hybrid apps. HP has enhanced the multi-channel capabilities of TeamSite8 with the addition of support for hybrid applications within LiveSite Mobile. This feature employs Trilibis RAIN technology to provide a smooth path for website developers to deploy a TeamSite8 website as a hybrid app. In conjunction with HP’s Exstream technology, this means that HP customers can now engage with their customers across every channel: print and mail, email, mobile, social, web, and video.

These new features are automatically included for any TeamSite customer that upgrades to TeamSite8 with LiveSite Mobile, making it much easier and faster for enterprises, publishers and commerce operators to modernize their websites. We are incredibly pleased to say that Trilibis technology is helping HP to offer its customers the best in multi-device rendering for enhanced personalization and analytics.

If you’re an HP business partner and need more information how Trilibis SNOW and RAIN technologies can enhance TeamSite8 for your customers, please contact us.

Here’s a useful video that provides an overview of TeamSite8.

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