Have the 2012 London Olympics Gone Mobile?

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As the 2012 Olympic Games in London are just a few days away. The athletes aren’t the only ones expected to perform at their best, despite the rigorous 24/7 schedule. With an expected 4.9B viewers across the globe, 1 in 3 of whom own at least 3 connected devices, our TVs, phones and tablets will likely be just as busy during the coming three week period absorbing as much Olympic content as possible.

It’s been two years since our last taste of the Olympics in 2010 and even longer since Beijing in 2008. As we’ve all experienced first-hand, a couple years is a long, long time in the tech world. Take for example the 456% growth from the paltry 19M smartphones floating around the US back in ’08. Not to mention the tablet, as we know it, was barely born with the original iPad in 2010!

Now, just a few years later, both NBC and BBC are set to stream every waking minute of the Olympic Games (over 5,500 hours!) to PCs and handheld devices around the world. And recent studies show more than 1 in 4 plan to watch the games on their smartphone—nearly 1 in 3 on their tablet.

We’ve come a long way since 2008 and there’s plenty of reason to dub this year’s event the first mobile Olympics, but have the companies and organizations surrounding this event truly taken to mobile?

We thought it’d be interesting to check out some of the major Olympic related websites, including the 11 major Olympic sponsors, and see how they stacked up on mobile devices. By our count below, we’re still at a mere 60% optimization—meaning 40% of companies are missing out. While some are clearly making great strides in mobile optimization, others continue to put themselves in a poor mobile position.




London 2012 [London2012.com]

Mobilized? Yes

The Official Site of the London 2012 Olympic Games is a very good resource to reference news, schedules, results and media throughout the event








NBC Olympics 2012 [NBCOlympics.com]

Mobilized? Yes

NBC Sports’ official website for all of the broadcast station’s news coverage as well as TV and Online listings. A great second-screen companion for those in the US.








BBC Olympics 2012 [bbc.co.uk/2012]

Mobilized? Yes

Similar to NBC’s site, but for the UK and European audience.








Official Website of the Olympic Movement [Olympic.org]

Mobilized? No

While not as popular or often referred to, the official website of the Olympics is missing out by not being mobile optimized.










Team USA [teamUSA.org]

Mobilized? No

A wealth of information on the American participants in this year’s Olympics that, unfortunately, is terrible to look at on a mobile device.







Team Great Britain [teamGB.com]

Mobilized? No

The official Olympic team site for our friends across the pond that performs just as poorly on a mobile device as Team USA’s.










Team Australia [London2012.olympics.com.au]

Mobilized? Yes

The Aussies teach both Team GB and Team USA a lesson with their very well-done mobile web app that features news, videos and even athlete diaries.







Acer [us.acer.com]

Mobilized? No

For being a hardware manufacturer producing the very devices people will be using throughout the Olympic games, Acer makes a poor decision by not optimizing their site.








Atos Origin [atos.net/en-us]

Mobilized? No

An un-optimized mobile site is an unfortunate look for a company touting their own BYOD IT solutions.










Coca-Cola [m.coke.com & m.coca-cola.com/theolympics]

Mobilized? Yes

A mobile veteran, Coke understands the importance of their mobile audience with both their main landing page and special Olympic-themed content.








Dow Chemical [mobile.dow.com]

Mobilized? Yes…and no

While their corporate site is great for mobile devices, the important information relating to their Olympic partnership is both hidden and un-optimized.







GE [ge.com]

Mobilized? No

GE is missing out on a large percentage of their audience over the next few weeks by displaying PC optimized websites for both their corporate page and their Olympic partnership page.










McDonald’s [mobile.mcstate.com & USAwinsgold.com/mobile]

Mobilized? Yes

Like Coke, McDonald’s is ready for any mobile traffic sent their way during the Olympic season.






Omega Watches [m.omegawatches.com]

Mobilized? Yes

Omega has a very simple and functional mobile site, but they do not leverage any Olympic partnership content outside of the desktop.










Panasonic [pansonic.net]

Mobilized? Yes

Panasonic’s corporate site is ready for mobile devices, but it also does not take full advantage of its Olympic partnership with an unclickable featured image.








Proctor and Gamble [pg.com]

Mobilized? No

While many of their product websites might be mobilized, the P&G corporate website does not cater to this audience.









Samsung [m.samsung.com & samsunggenomeproject.com/mobile]

Mobilized? Yes

Alongside Coke and McDonald’s, Samsung has prepared itself to take advantage of any mobile traffic that comes it’s way.







Visa [m.usa.visa.com]

Mobilized? Yes

Visa has taken the time to optimize their main site for mobile, but they still could be missing out by not incorporating any Olympic partnership related material.









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