Enterprise World 2017 showcased why OpenText is “The Information Company”

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This year’s OpenText CEM preview highlighted powerful personalization features

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Trilibis recently attended the OpenText Enterprise World user conference. The annual event, now in its 19th year, was held in Toronto, Canada and featured keynote addresses from OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText President Steve Murphy, and OpenText EVP of Engineering Muhi Majzoub. Since it was in Canada, special guest Wayne Gretzky dropped by for a fireside chat with Mark Barrenechea! Trilibis attended to get OpenText’s view of the digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends changing businesses across the globe.

Prior to the event, Mark set the context: “Digital and AI allow executives to re-think business and fundamentally change go-to-market models, customer journeys, supply chains and how we innovate. Customers need new technologies to digitize such as OpenText Release 16 and new AI technologies such as OpenText Magellan to automatically advance business. This is a generational shift, and at Enterprise World 2017, we will showcase the technologies and companies that will be the foundation of a digital future driven by insight.”

Mark gave a great presentation that highlighted the decade ahead of us. He noted that these trends will be the key drivers of change: robotics, Internet of Things, Internet of Money, Artificial Intelligence, mobile, new business models, and interestingly “Living to 150 and IQs of 1000.” All of which were fascinating and reinforced in my mind that OpenText has a clear vision for the future that informs its product roadmap. These two points are worth noting:

1. OpenText, “The Information Company,” will allow businesses to connect with information in a whole new way.

2. OpenText’s Magellan is emerging as the #1 competitor to IBM Watson. The tagline that seemed to resonate throughout the event was: Information + Algorithm = Insight. The foundation for artificial intelligence.

At the end of Mark’s presentation, Wayne Gretzky was introduced as the guest speaker. Very cool, I think most in the audience were a little star-struck!

Day 2 was kicked off by a keynote delivered by EVP of Engineering Muhi Majzoub. This was impressive, and focused on recent accomplishments. Muhi’s team delivered 1000+ product enhancements across different platforms, solutions and applications. Muhi and team are focused on continuous innovation across all the product groups, and we here at Trilibis are excited to see what’s coming in FY 2018.

Sunil Menon’s CEM 16.2 break-out session on What’s New with OpenText WCM was fantastic.

In particular, we liked learning about how one can easily preview personalized pages, by segment. This new release lets you compare targeted content rendering for end-user segments side-by-side, and independently navigate the site for each segment within preview. Trilibis technology made an appearance when Sunil demoed the added ability to layer on the segment preview within the Trilibis multi-device emulator. We are more than thrilled to partner with OpenText to provide these and other advanced capabilities.

We were impressed by the ability to deliver dynamic, visual experiences using OpenText Media Management (directly integrated with OpenText TeamSite). When you combine this with headless content services (headless CMS) and single-page applications functionality, OpenText’s WCM future looks bright.

We were also excited to learn more about the latest releases of Exstream and OTMM. In particular, we got to see a very cool presentation of how the Smithsonian used OTMM to archive historical images. Great use case!

Overall, OpenText Enterprise World was a great event, and the OpenText team truly over-delivered. From fantastic presentations and great breakout sessions, to evening receptions with accessibility to OpenText business and product leaders, this was time well spent. I encourage anyone who closely follows OpenText, as either a user or partner, to attend next year’s event. We’ll definitely be there.

Contact us here if you’d like to discuss how to integrate Trilibis technology into your WCMS or CCM enterprise system.

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