Dolphin Browser Makes a Serious Splash in HTML5 Waters

August 22nd, 2012 by

The mobile world is abuzz over the Dolphin mobile browser (@DolphinBrowser) recently passing the first 2 levels of Facebook’s Ringmark test. The Ringmark test checks for “a wide range of HTML5 support” and was created “to help bring mobile browsers up to acceptable standards of speed and usability.”

How hard is it to pass? VentureBeat points out that Dolphin passed the tests before Firefox for Android, Chrome for Android and Apple’s Safari: “Dolphin has successfully passed Ring 0 as well as all of Ring 1, something that no other mobile web browser has done. In fact, even the web browser on your computer might not make it past Ring 1.”

Why is it exciting?

This news is a big step forward for an HTML5 future. Dolphin offers proof that HTML5 is coming and we are just now beginning to get a glimpse of mobile web possibilities. GigaOm underlines that by passing Ring 1, Dolphin has the “functionality needed to unlock the most common apps that developers want to build, including 2D games, music and video apps, and camera apps.”  Passing Ring 2 is expected to result in features that will “unlock the next generation of mobile web apps, based on developer necessity.”

Here at Trilibis, we’re excited about HTML5 and the possibilities it presents for developers.  Until now, heavyweights like Firefox, Google and Apple have gotten most of the credit for browser technology innovation. But despite their efforts, inconsistent support of HTML5 components across various mobile browsers has been hurting adoption. It will be interesting to see how this announcement impacts standardization efforts, and how these heavyweights will respond now that they’re forced to play catch-up. We hope that they offer a much broader support for HTML5 pushing the innovation envelope further and at a faster pace, so that developers can create richer, more interactive and faster performing mobile websites and web apps.

In the meantime, cheers to the Dolphin team!

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