Boost Your Mobile Site’s Appeal: Add Social Features

October 5th, 2011 by

As we move along in our “Boost Your Mobile Site Appeal” series, we’ll take a look at how integrating a social aspect to your mobile site can give your brand or campaign the extra push it needs to really take off.

It’s quite obvious that mobile phones are inherently social in nature—we use them regularly to communicate with our friends, family, and more often, anyone who cares to listen. comScore recently published a study showing that 52% of mobile users access a social networking site on a daily basis, and almost 80% do so at least once a week. With social networking numbers skyrocketing at a similar pace to mobile web use, it becomes clear that the two are a perfect fit for any company interested in enhancing its mobile initiatives.

Taking advantage of the social network effect via your mobile site comes down to 4 main inter-related ideas: connecting, sharing, interacting, and co-creating.

1. Connecting – fans and followers

The ultimate goal for integrating a social media campaign within your mobile site is to provide a deeper connection for consumers to experience your brand. Today’s consumers are itching to show their support for certain companies by becoming fans and followers of their favorite brands. Make sure your mobile site gives them a reason and an opportunity to do so.

Nearly every campaign-oriented mobile site Trilibis has recently worked on contains a deep integration with Facebook and/or Twitter. KFC’s mobile site, for example, allows users to “Follow the Colonel” by linking them to the KFC fan pages on Facebook and Twitter. Club Perrier takes their social media integration a step beyond Twitter and Facebook by prominently displaying a YouTube video (about to hit the 3 million views mark any day now) that links to their company’s account page and more videos. Lastly, Disney, who long ago realized the importance of social media, incorporates Twitter and Facebook options into many of their campaigns’ mobile sites including the mobile web destination for their brand new Aulani resort in Hawaii and the revamped Star Tours attraction at Walt Disney World.

2. Sharing – posts and tweets

Once the connection has been made, give your fans and followers the opportunity to become personal micro-marketers for your brand—allow them to share your content with their friends directly from your mobile website. Many of today’s prominent publications feature different sharing options for readers to spread their content via social networking sites and email. incorporated this idea into their mobile site and allow users to quickly and easily share the Word of the Day or an interesting Hot Word blog article with their friends directly from a mobile device. A simple click on the Facebook or Twitter icons under the Word of the Day will auto-populate a post or a tweet highlighting the word, its definition, and a link back to the website.

3. Interacting – comments and reviews

Part of what makes social networking so popular is its ability to bring together people with similar interests and foster interaction around centralized topics. This interaction is made even easier by social media connected mobile devices. Fandango and Citysearch have taken advantage of social network interaction by incorporating a deeply rooted reviews and comments system within their mobile websites. Fandango displays fan created movie reviews while Citysearch allow their users to read and write relevant opinions on hot new local spots. Dyson, a technology leader in the vacuum and fan industry, takes a different approach and invites mobile users to share their comments on the new Air Multiplier with a “Tell us what you think” link directing to their Facebook page.

4. Co-creating – social data aggregation

The final, and largely untapped, way to boost your mobile site through social media combines your fans and followers’ sharing and interaction and uses it to create a relevant portion of your site.  This type of social data aggregation is not a new concept, but is new to mobile web integration. Fandango recently incorporated a co-created review system called Flicktweets to their mobile website. Flicktweets collects, sorts and displays movie-related tweets—allowing film devotees to view what people are currently saying on Twitter about any movie.

There are many different ways to integrate social media into your mobile website, each with their own depth of integration. Even the simplest “like” or “tweet” button can break you into the social network effect and drastically increase your brand’s reach. Capitalizing on this social media trend instantly makes your mobile site more interactive and provides just enough encouragement for your visitors to spread the word.


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