Are you optimally engaging with your customers on all the latest devices?

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Why developers of WCM and CCM systems need to look beyond the size of the screen when determining how to maximize customer experience with device-optimized content

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Fall is in the air and the smell of new mobile devices is permeating the web. It’s around now that the major mobile device manufacturers proudly unveil their latest shiny gadgets to eager audiences. Already, we’ve seen the latest creations from Apple, (iPhone 8, available now; iPhone X, available next month) and Google (Pixel 2), with Samsung (Galaxy X) not far behind. There’s even rumor of Samsung foldable smartphone in the works.

These days, customer engagement is of paramount importance. So, if you’re a developer of an enterprise WCM or CCM system, you’ll want to make sure your software users are assured of the best experience when their customers view brand content on these new devices. That’s where Trilibis can help you. With more than a decade of experience optimizing content presentation on mobile devices, our technology automatically adapts marketing content to the latest devices better than anything else on the market.

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There’s more to a device than the size of its screen

And we’re not just talking basic screen resolution, either. Here are just a few of the device attributes are technology enables your software to master:

attributes chart

Other approaches adapt content to some of a device’s attributes. With Trilibis technology, you can make your content device-aware — meaning that you can take advantage of unique attributes of a particular device (such as local services or hardware options), and preview them on our web based emulator to deliver a truly optimized experience for the end user.

Watch this video to learn more:

Contact us here if you’d like to learn how Trilibis technology can shorten your time to market and enhance the functionality of your enterprise web content management or customer engagement system.

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