Akamai Edge 2014: Trilibis Previews One Web Technology That Makes the Edge of the Network Device-Aware

October 2nd, 2014 by


The combination of SNOW tags and Akamai ESI markup language boosts website performance on mobile devices that access the web via the Akamai CDN

SAN MATEO, Calif.—October 2, 2014: Trilibis, the company that makes websites device-aware, will preview new Akamai-specific technology at the upcoming Akamai Edge conference, next week in Miami. Trilibis has adapted its market-leading SNOW® website optimization framework to deliver server-side responsive web capabilities at the edge of the network, all from a single code base. As a device accesses a website, SNOW identifies its type and features, then serves up only the HTML, CSS, and images required by that particular device.

SNOW includes a new SNOW-ESI productivity module that intelligently auto-generates ESI syntax for any given SNOW-powered website. The ESI syntax instructs the Akamai CDN to cache SNOW-optimized front-end code to serve device-specific HTML code from the Akamai servers. This process yields three key benefits:

  1. Significantly higher performance than that offered by responsive design techniques. The SNOW-ESI module delivers higher performance than that delivered by responsive techniques, and improves the end-to-end performance for mobile devices by a factor of four and reduces page-load time by as much as 25 percent.
  2. Web users, especially those with mobile devices, are assured a fast, device-optimized website experience.
  3. For developers, productivity improves by 40 percent since ESI syntax is auto-generated.

To see SNOW edge-optimized technology at the Akamai Edge conference, drop by the Trilibis kiosk 13 in the exhibits area. To learn more about SNOW technology, visit Trilibis’ website or download the SNOW white paper.

About Trilibis

Trilibis develops SNOW®, a markup-based RESS website optimization solution that uses a single code base to deliver a true “One Web” experience. SNOW makes websites device-aware and enables developers to design high-performance websites that work flawlessly on all desktop and mobile browsers, and to unlock device-specific features and functionality that make websites mobile-ready, delightful and profitable. Trilibis is a private, venture-backed company located in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit www.trilibis.com or follow @trilibismobile.

Copyright 2014 Trilibis Inc. All rights reserved. Trilibis and SNOW are trademarks of Trilibis Inc. Other trademarks are registered trademarks and the properties of their respective owners.

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